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Immersion Gold PCB

Immersion Gold PCB

In the surface treatment of PCB circuit boards, there is a very common process called Immersion Gold.
1. What is Immersion Gold?
Simply put, Immersion Gold PCB uses a chemical deposition method to produce a layer of metal plating on the surface of the circuit board through chemical redox reactions.
2. Why do Immersion Gold surface treatment?
The copper solder joints on PCB are easily oxidized in the air, which will cause poor conductivity, which reduces the performance of the PCB circuit board.Then the copper solder joints should be done surface treatment.Immersion gold is to plate gold on it. Gold can effectively block copper metal and air to prevent oxidation, so immersion gold is a treatment method for surface oxidation prevention.The surface of copper is covered with gold through chemical reaction, also known as Chemical gold.
3.What are the benefits of surface treatment like Immersion Gold?
The advantage of the immersion gold process is that the color deposited on the PCB board surface is very stable, the brightness is very good, the plating layer is very smooth, and the solderability is very good. Immersion gold PCB generally has a gold thickness of 1-3 Uinch, so the thickness of gold produced by this surface treatment method is generally thicker, so immersion gold surface treatment is generally used in circuit boards such as key boards and gold finger boards. Because gold has strong conductivity, good oxidation resistance and long service life.
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